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Frequently asked questions

What does Group Buy mean?
Group Buy Means you get a Seo tools access on an affordable price as compared to original price. These accounts are for the medium users of SEO Tools. If you are heavy usage people please don’t purchase
Are these shared accounts or dedicated accounts?
Yes, Group Buy means shared. All accounts are shared with the other people or multiple user.
Do you provide login details to the SEO tools? How do I get access to the accounts?
No, we not provide the login details of any of the tools. We provide Firefox portable browser with auto login details with lastpass. You just need to download Firefox portable and enter the lastpass details which we give to you once you purchase.
How do I get help if I need any? What are your support details?
We provide support on Skype Support, Email Support and Website Support IF you have any query fell free to ask on our Support form
Are there any limitations in the accounts?
No, there is no limitation in any account from our side.They have their Plans and limits stick to them.And all these limits are shared with all users. All account are shared Group Buy and mainly for light users. For normal users, these accounts work perfectly fine.
Do we Support Refund?
Sorry but we dont support refund.Some users use the tools and after finishing work,they ask refund.So we dont give refund.But customer satisfaction is most important to us.SO you get full support.
Do you Guaranty All tools work All the time?
No we dont guaranty that all tools will work all the time fluently.Since they are shared account,if users do something wrong then the account may get banned and will take a little time to resolve.Or every tools have some limits.Which is divided among all the users.You have to use keeping it in mind.
Is this tools avaliable for MAC?
No,Our Browser works only in Windows PC.But we provide Some tools for MAC.Ask us for them.
Can I share your SEO tools with others?
No never, If you are reselling customer or you want to shared with any one, our seo tools or firefox portable please away from us.Our Portable browser catches your IP and if your browser used on 2nd IP then you’ll be banned immediately.
Do you have a Guide or Video on how to open the Firefox Portable?
Yes, we provide you video tutorial and complete guide and if get any error we help you using Teamviewer or Skype Screen Share
When i will get tools access?

Since we are providing Optional tools pack where you choose your own tools then order,this cant be done automatically.We manually process them and deliver it to you.It may take Up-to 4 hours to complete the order.But usually it is done within 2-4 hours.But can’t guaranty that time frame for everyone due to order queue and software updated (once in 2-3 months).